Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Even after you’ve found a dermatologist to partner with, you may find that you’re not communicating as well as you’d like. Maybe you feel rushed or leave the office and realize you haven’t discussed something important to you.

Remember, you and your doctor are partners in managing your psoriasis. Be honest with your doctor about your needs. By taking an active role with your dermatologist, you’re much more likely to have productive conversations.

Breaking Through to Your Dermatologist

Get tips for having honest conversations with your doctor about how psoriasis affects your daily life.

Sharing Your Psoriasis Story with Your Doctor

Your doctor will determine the right treatments for you based on clinical information, as well as information you share in your doctor visits. So telling your doctor your psoriasis story is an important part of getting appropriate treatment.

Your Psoriasis Story helps you gather information that is useful when talking with your doctor. You can review a list of questions to ask your doctor and choose the ones important to you. It's all part of partnering with your doctor to get the treatment that’s appropriate for you. View Your Psoriasis Story.

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Need a referral?

Your primary care physician may already have referred you to a dermatologist. If not, use the Find the Right Doctor tool to locate one near you.