• You’re not alone. Millions of people experience psoriasis symptoms on their scalp.

  • Don’t be shy. The more information you can share with your hairdresser, the better.

  • It may help to find a stylist who has experience in dealing with scalp psoriasis.

Lather, read, repeat

If you’re living with psoriasis, you already know how challenging it can be. However, if you also have scalp psoriasis, something as simple as getting a haircut can present a different type of challenge.

~50% of people with psoriasis experience it on their scalp. If you speak up and prepare accordingly, you can make a trip to the salon less stressful.

A cut above

A cut above

Millions of people have psoriasis, so you should never feel alone. Just be sure to communicate openly with your stylist during the visit. After all, there’s a good chance they have worked on others with psoriasis before. If they haven’t, just let them know that it’s not contagious.

TIP: Be sure to discuss any known sensitivities to shampoo or styling products before they begin working.

Hold your head high


Just remember to be upfront and honest about your condition. If you’re not comfortable with your stylist or feel they aren’t being sympathetic to your unique issues, then find a professional who is. Call salons and ask if they have a psoriasis-friendly hairdresser.


1. You’re not alone.
Remember that millions of people have psoriasis.

2. Mention any sensitivities.
For example, tell your stylist if you are sensitive to heat before they start to blow-dry your hair.

3. Share your routine.
If you use a medicated shampoo, bring it with you so your stylist or barber can use it during your visit.

4. Treat the day before.
Shampoo or use treatments the day before your visit to minimize flaking.

5. Remind them to go easy.
“Gentle” is the key word in dealing with scalp psoriasis. Remind your stylist to go easy when using hard brushes and combs, and not to brush excessively.