• Use relaxation techniques to reduce holiday stress.

  • Try to avoid foods that cause inflammation.

  • Combat the weather with humidifiers and keep skin moisturized daily.

Holiday Psoriasis Tips

From homemade cookies to that wonderful winter weather, the things that make the holidays so magical can also be a minefield of psoriasis triggers. That’s why it’s even more important to stay diligent about managing your psoriasis this time of year.

Here are some tips for staying on track this holiday season.

Staying Stress-Free

Sometimes, the holidays can be as stressful as they are joyous. It might feel like a million things are going on around you, which can get a bit overwhelming.

Since stress is a common psoriasis trigger that can worsen symptoms, it’s important to try and manage it as best you can.

Here are some psoriasis tips to counter the holiday strain:

Meditate for Psoriasis Meditate for Psoriasis Meditate for Psoriasis


is a good way to clear the mind, slow racing thoughts, or relieve anxiety. If you find yourself overwhelmed during a gathering, try to find a quiet space to meditate for a few minutes.

Massages for Psoriasis Massages for Psoriasis Massages for Psoriasis


can be beneficial for those with psoriasis because it can help reduce stress. Schedule some time for yourself during all of the festivities and see if you come back recharged.

Exercising for Psoriasis Exercising for Psoriasis Exercising for Psoriasis


may increase the production of endorphins, improving mood and energy. A lot of the holidays is spent lounging around home, but try to get up and move around to beat the winter blues.

Picture of Woman Holing Lights Picture of Woman Holing Lights Picture of Woman Holing Lights

Speak Up

about any holiday activities that cause you stress and consider avoiding them. Some people can be affected by the pressure of gift-giving or cooking holiday meals for large groups. If you’re forced to be in such a situation, don’t be afraid to say no or take on a reduced role.

Psoriasis-Friendly Holiday Menu

The holidays and eating go hand-in-hand—but there are some foods you should try to avoid with psoriasis, or at least try to limit, since they may cause inflammation. Keep an eye on what you eat during holiday parties and gatherings, and if you think you’ll have trouble finding something healthy to eat, consider bringing your own dish made from ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties.

Here are some psoriasis tips to snack on:

Winter Weather

Unfortunately, the most wonderful time of year is also accompanied by cold, dry air that can irritate your skin. Keep your skin properly moisturized by looking for creams and ointments.

Having the right information and being smart with your choices can help you enjoy all the fun, food, and festivities of the holidays.

Before making any changes to the way you manage your psoriasis, make sure to talk to your dermatologist and ask any questions you may have.