Real. Clear. Psoriasis SPEAKS


Then it’s time to work with a dermatologist on how you can reach your treatment goals. Asking about real clear skin starts with real clear communication with a dermatologist.


If you’ve been taking steps to treat your psoriasis, but are still experiencing symptoms, it may be uncontrolled.

Here are some signs that you should talk to a dermatologist:

Do any of these sound like your current experience with psoriasis?
Then enough with good enough. Talk to your dermatologist about real clear skin and your treatment goals.

How do I get real clear with my dermatologist?

Your dermatologist needs to know the full impact of psoriasis on your daily life. The more open and direct you are, the better they can help you manage your psoriasis.

  • Describe everywhere you have plaques and how much clearer you’d like your skin to be.
  • Talk openly about what relief means to you, such as fewer flare-ups, feeling less stressed, or feeling more confident.
  • Think ahead to any important events or milestones coming up and when you want to see results.
  • Talk about treatments you have tried and what did or did not work for you.
  • Be sure to mention all your current symptoms to your dermatologist.

Remember, the more details you can give your dermatologist, the better they’ll understand how you are doing. Try talking about your treatment goals like this at your next appointment:

I’ve been on my current treatment for [time], but I’m still experiencing [symptom]. I’d like to have [result] by [date]. How can we get there?

To turn your psoriasis experience into an actionable discussion for your next dermatologist appointment, use our interactive Appointment Guide to get a personalized readout with questions to ask your dermatologist about treatment.

If you’ve been hiding and hurting, stressing and scratching, then it’s time to start expecting more out of your psoriasis treatment and start thinking about options you haven’t tried before. Learn more about the different types of available psoriasis treatments, then ask your dermatologist which may help you meet your goals.

Looking for a dermatologist near you? Start the search so you can get started on your path to real clear skin.


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